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Free Pokemon Pattern list!
I thought I would try to compose a list of different Pokemon patterns you can find. I get request for patterns all the time, but usually there are great ones already available! I thought I would try to get them all down for you in as much of an organized fashion as I can at this late at night...
I haven't used most of these for myself, so I don't know if these are all good.
I'm sure these aren't the only patterns available, but these were the ones I that I happen to find. If you know of more then let me know so I can add it! And this journal will constantly be updated.
Always make sure to give credit to the pattern maker, and unless it states otherwise, never use these patterns for profit! They're here for people to use for themselves or as gifts, not to make money.
Generation 1 patterns
:icongarrenn:garrenn 159 35
Commish - Millennium Ring 2 by SaraAnnDiPity Commish - Millennium Ring 2 :iconsaraanndipity:SaraAnnDiPity 107 71
YuYu Hakusho (Pet Fox) Reader X Kurama
It was a cold fall afternoon. Kurama was seriously injured. He found out that not only could changed his appearance from Youko to Shuichi but he also can changed back into his spirit fox form. His silver fur He was trying out his form trying to see how long an how strong his form was.
He was in the forest testing the form. He thought the forest was empty until he found a scent in the air. Some hunters were around. Kurama moved away from them as soon as he pick up their scent. He didn't realized that the dogs were after him. Part of him couldn't help but put on a smug smile. "Do they think they can catch me with these pitiful dogs?" he said as he easily out ran them. He had to admit a little of Youko came out and wanted to toy with the dogs.
He was so busy with the dog that he forgot about the hunters. As he moved and ran circles at the humans and dogs one hunter aimed his gun at Kurama. Of course he missed most of his shots but the last bullet made it to Kurama
:iconkuroneko369:KuroNeko369 79 13
A Jealous Fox Kurama X Reader

  It's been a whole 2 months since the Christmas confession. Your life has been great ever since you started to date Kurama. You loved every moment you were with him. 
    You were waiting for him at the bus stop. You looked at your watch to see 2:50 pm.
    "Just ten more minutes!" you said with a smile. You were still in that fangirl faze.
     Kurama said he wanted to meet you at the bus stop around 3:00 pm for a lunch break from his job. There was a cafe that you both loved to go so you waited wearing your (Fav color) short sleeve shirt with some jeans.    
    "Hello ____." a voice said. 
    You turned quickly to see your favorite redhead but instead you saw your annoying coworker.
    Hiroshi. A man around your age with brown hair and eyes. He's handsome and he definitely
:iconkuroneko369:KuroNeko369 97 9
Hiei OneShot
Hi! yes, I'm making another oneshot!!!!!!! This is dedicated to *Kurama s Girl 911* For all the loverly reviews she has given me!
disclaimer- no i don't own YYH, or the song
The stars shone and twinkled with the hinting of company soon to arrive, if you could see them. There was no wind, and the air around you was warm and comforting. Your eyes were closed; your feet already knowing the path to take you down to that place. Your pace was slow though your heart was racing. Beneath you grass wet with dew crunched softly; above the moon glowed. Three steps ahead of you there was an old wooden fence.
-one- you took a step.
-two- Another
-three- ~now~ you told yourself.
*jump* effortlessly you jumped over the fence and landed on the other side, your eyes still closed. Ten steps now.
-five- you paused and turned slightly to left, avoiding the tree you were about to walk into.
-eight- you turned again to right.
:iconkyimoto:Kyimoto 5 8
His Empress (Hiei x reader)
"And with that this mission is very dangerous, but we need to get back this Pearl of souls. With the enemy can take over the spirit world and human world."
"Yeah, yeah we heard you the first time."
Yusuke says as flicks his ear wax in a random spot in Koemma's office, causing the baby to kick him in the face.
"We should leave as possible there's no telling how far the thieves have gone."
Kurama says as he watches Koenma and Yusuke fight as usual, Botan separates the two fighting boys.
"Alright enough, time is of the essence so get moving Yusuke."
"I'm on it like usual. Come on Kuwabara maybe we'll see Yukina on the way."
Yusuke says casually as he tries to rally up his goofy friend, which worked as Kuwabara had fire in his eyes pledging his love for the Ice maiden. Hiei only growled in annoyance as he tried not to take his team mates head. Soon the boys were ready to go as Koenma fills them out on the whereabouts of the burglars, although a loud bang erupted in the office.
"Ah! Empress
:iconrukia2011:Rukia2011 128 26
His Empress For Her Birthday (Hiei x Reader)
Oh dear.
Team Urameshi felt their stomach drop as they looked at the sight with freight.
Well except for Yusuke and Kuwabara they gazed upon the sight of an adorable Empress (name) who apparently had drunk from the "cup of youth" that Koenma had accidentally mixed up with wine as a gift to the Empress for her birthday.
"She's so cute!"
Yusuke exclaimed as he bear hugged the small toddler Empress (name), causing the  empress to turn blue from lack of oxygen.
"Yusuke, let her go. I don't think she can breath."
"But she's so cute!"
Yusuke said as he responded to Kurama as he started to tickle her sides, causing the small (name) to laugh and giggle.
"Let me tickle her next Yusuke."
Soon Yusuke and Kuwabara argued as Hiei walked over and held the small toddler in his arms.
"Enough you two, (name) is not some toddler she is the empress of the-"
Soon Hiei feels that (name) was no longer in his arms as he heard the laughter of (name) being tickled by Kuwabra and Yusuke. A low growl
:iconrukia2011:Rukia2011 104 16
I Hate Valentines Day [Akabane Karma x Reader] (S)
I Hate Valentines Day

Today, you were in an even worse mood than the usual bad mood.
Why, you ask? Because It was valentines day! The day most people looked forward to, but also the day you found the most annoying.
Why, again, you ask? Because you just saw it as another day, while everyone else made such a big fuss about it.
It's not that you hated the idea of love.. You just hated the idea of being bombarded with flowers.
I mean, where are the chocolates?!
So there you were, sitting in your usual spot in End Class, not paying to attention to anything the giant yellow octopus had to say. You were too distracted at the mountain of sweets piled up on Karma's desk, making you even more bitter, rather than sweet. Oh, the irony.
Time flew by and before you know it, it was already lunch break.
'FINALLY,' you thought. You could finally rest in the woods in peace. In more ways than one. The usual valentines day was annoying enough, but this one especi
:icona-yame:a-yame 86 10
Karma Akabane X Reader: Wanted
NOTE: This story takes place BEFORE Karma was in the E class.
You let out a sigh as you stepped out of the assembly hall with the rest of class 3E after the school assembly had ended.
“I didn’t think that the name-calling and insults could get any worse than the last assembly’s, but, boy,” your classmate, Sugino, sighed. “Was I so wrong.”
“Tell me about it.” Kayano agreed, joining into the conversation. “And that teacher’s long ass speech didn’t help either, I seriously thought that I was going to pass out after standing for so long while the other classes got to sit down on their fancy chairs.”
“Fancy chairs?” you chuckled. “Kayano-san, I really don’t think that their chairs are all that fancy.”
“Yea, but that’s something that we didn’t get that all the other classes got.” The green-haired girl said, crossing her arms over her chest in irritation.
:iconthedetectivediaries:TheDetectiveDiaries 372 46
Karma X Reader: Am I in Love with You? ~Part 4~
Your fingers lightly drummed against the table where you were seated at, your eyes fixated on the empty coffee cup placed before you while you repeated the insignificant movement of your fingers as you waited for Isogai to return from the kitchen of the small yet surprisingly comfortable café. You were vaguely concerned to whether or not the ikemen had seen through your lie that you actually didn’t have any plans to head to town for besides meeting with him after work since you had already been at the little café for over two hours now. The thought made you feel sheepish, but you had no other choice than to head there after what happened with Karma back at your school mountaintop campus.
You could still remember the intoxicating heat of his toned body against yours, you could still smell the refreshing scent of soap that lingered on his body after his shower, and you could still feel the soft and delicate brushes of his lips against yours… and it made you go insan
:iconthedetectivediaries:TheDetectiveDiaries 120 49
Byakuya X Reader Arranged Marrage Chapter 2
You stare at yourself in the mirror. "Today is going to suck..." "Non sense, Byakuya isn't that bad!" Rukia said as she looked over the choices for necklaces. "How does this one look!?" She held up a random necklace. You smile "I like it" she nodded and put it on for you. "I think you’re ready for Nii-San!!" You exited the room as Ichigo linked his arm with yours. You didn't consider your real father family; he had raped your mother, which resulted in you.
Ichigo was probably the closed person to your father. You slowly walk down the aisle, seeing all the smiling faces of your family and friends standing up to watch. Yachiru was throwing sakura tree petals along the aisle in front of you. You see Byakuya dressed in a suit at the end by the priest. Once you make it to the end, Ichigo hesitated for a moment before releasing your arm. You walk up so you were standing across from Byakuya. The priest cleared his throat before speaking. He opened up this small book and started reading.
:iconwildwolf1111111111:wildwolf1111111111 314 151
Urushihara Hanzo x Reader Part 1
   “But MOM! The outside gifts nothing but disappointment!” I shriek from my pile of blankets I call a bed.
   “Deal with it, (Name)! I really have to get going now or I’ll be late. Remember, buy groceries once a week and don’t spend on anything you don’t need. I’ll see you in a few weeks. Love you!” She rushed out the door, multiple suitcases in hand. Seriously, how could she carry all those at once?! Whatever.
   I sigh and turn back around to my computer station. I start to open up DeviantArt and Tumblr. My mom won’t but me books, so I read fanfics on DA. I need some humor in my life, so I surf the pages of Tumblr.
   I am a hikikomori, as the Japanese say. A shut-in. A hermit. But not completely by choice. I have agoraphobia, the fear of being in public. For one, I’m shy and don’t like conversing with individuals who have notably lower IQs. After I was being bullied in the 2nd
:iconkilalavatas:KilalaVatas 153 92
The Devil's a Part-timer SMIH Urushihara
Chi now held the bag up to the remaining girls, you in particular observed the poor Ashiya as he held an ice pack up to his swollen face. The poor guy was only playing the game as was was Emi and that other girl's fault for jumping to conclusions. Hopefully, now that Chi actually explained how the game was supposed to be played..there wouldn't be anymore misunderstandings.
You volunteered for the next draw, and shoved your hand into the bag and immediately pulled out a slip of paper. The paper had a code on it as a mixture of numbers and capital letters. You heard a voice speak up
"Oh! Yeah, that's mine...could ya give it back please? I need that code...for something." Urushihara mumbled, reaching forward and holding out his hand.
Before you could hand it back to its rightful owner, Maou snatched it up. His eyes hard and cold. "What exactly, Urushihara, do you need this for? How expensive is it?"
Poor Urushihara cowered before is roomie's mighty aura, his eyes avoiding di
:iconwolfiemoonsong:wolfiemoonsong 132 23
Game On! (Lucifer x Reader)
Game On!
(Lucifer x Reader)
"What the heck!"  Lucifer tore the headphones from his ears, almost knocking over his laptop as the chord was ripped from the plug-in.  His eye twitched from annoyance (and over-exposure to the monitor), and his teeth made an unhealthy grinding sound as he bared them at the screen.  After a moment, Alciel leaned back into the living-room, his hand still circling the inside of a glass with a dishtowel despite the fact that it was already sparkling.
"Urushihara?"  Alciel spoke Lucifer's "human" name with vague curiosity.  "What's wrong?"
"Th-This player has stomped my butt multiple times on (favorite online game)!"  Lucifer growled, his fingers twitching as he stared at the score-board.  His username was near the bottom of the list, whereas his new-found rival had claimed the top spot.  Alciel's expression grew even more bored as he turned back to the sink.
"Yes, that must be quite depre
:iconanimeartistren:AnimeArtistRen 222 65
Second Chances chapter 6 (Toshiro x Reader)
Although you were acting all tough, it was eating you from the inside. You were broken like before but built again on stronger foundations. You tried to act strong but just couldn't.
As the new 3rd seat of the 11th squad you had a lot of paperwork to do. Since your captain loved to fight and your Lieutenant goes with him all paperwork is in your hands. TT^TT
One day Zaraki had this mischievous smile planted on his face. Unexpectedly he and his lieutenant, Yachiru, did their paperwork. Leaving you at peace. You were about to leave when your captain called.
"OI, (L/N)."
"I need you to help out in the tenth division, since their lieutenant won't help I their paperwork."
"no buts! Go!" He seemed angered so you ran.
You just sat there awkwardly doing the tenth division's paperwork ALONE WITH THE CAPTAIN. There was a heavy silence around you so you sped up wanting to leave.
~hours later~
You finally finished and placed the paperwork beside HIS table.
"Hitsugaya-taichou, I'
:icontinyminionalex:tinyminionalex 77 26
ToshiroxReader: Still A Bit Drunk
Toshiro groaned as he woke up; his head throbbing so much that he kept his eyes closed. What happened? He remembered Matsumoto running off again and then Third Seat (Name) had offered to help. What happened after that? He groaned again as he rubbed his forehead. He couldn't remember. His eyes slowly opened and he blinked, still seeing only back. He then realized he was laying on top of something that was warm. He shifted and heard a small moan below him, which caused him to quickly shoot up then grab his head as pain shot through his temples. "Damn it." Something moved on the bed next to him and he looked down, only for his eyes to widen a moment later. "(N-Name)?"
You made a small moan moving a bit. Your shinigami top had come loose while you were sleeping showing more skin then usual and causing blood to rush to the young Captain's face. Toshiro jumped off the bed and rushed into the bathroom. He splashed water on his face and leaned against the sink. He had to remember what had happ
:icon13youko:13Youko 264 62


Journal History


  • Listening to: anything to distract me
  • Watching: my tears as they fall

today was a kinda bad day for me - mainly cause, towards the end of school - I had some problems breathing & I almost passed out (along with minor eye problems)

plus I've been depressed lately (for no reason - till today) that happened when I was around 14, my mom was completely clueless & when they called to tell her, all she did was say she was going to take both me & my little sis somewhere - she didn't do it though (in the past it was partly caused by my little sister - she was worse back then)

the topper of it all, was as soon as I got on off the bus & walked in the door - my mom showed me that my favorite black, furry, little friend, Sabrina died this morning about the time I got on the bus

- I hate december


rachel l v
United States


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